Rescue Kit for DJI S800


Opale Paramodels still innovating and offers a reliable ejection parachute system specially developed for the DJI S800.
This system is directly adaptable (replaces the existing battery holder). Delivered with a 6sqm parachute, it also acts as protective compartment for your batteries.
Effective and easy to use, this opening system is controlled through the use of a servomotor.The deployment of the parachute is almost instantly reducing the opening height. Reusableimmediately after using this system does not use any fireworks process and reducing the risk of fire on board.
Its technology and minimum weight make it the essential protection tool for the DJI S800.

Complete System weight: 0,6kg

Flight Characteristics:

5kg 5,5kg
6,5kg 7kg
3,65m/s 3,85m/s 4m/s 4,15m/s 4,35m/s

Indicative descent rate depending on the overall system weight

Included in the kit:
– Plates set
– Straps
– 6sqm Rescue
– Pod L
– Servomotor


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