Oxy 5.0


Oxy 5.0 Opale Paramodels

Oxy 5.0 Opale Paramodels

Have you ever dreamt of it? Opale Paramodels did it! Among the last new products from Opale Paramodels, Oxy 5.0 is the biggest wing ever marketed to practice RC paramotor, with its 5,10m wingspan. Thanks to its singleskin technology, Oxy 5.0 provides such an accessibility that make it suitable for beginners willing to begin with the discipline. Indeed, the wing is easy to inflate and its piloting is both smooth and accurate.  Its range of use (4 to 15kgs) is very large and have a reduced consumption.

Thanks to DS-Tech (short for Double-Stick Technology, developped by Opale Paramodels and patented by our R&D department), no folds can be found neither the tissue nor the leading edge, for a solid render: the wing is perfectly tensed and provide a clean render. While performing acrobatic tricks, the wing doesn’t close, avoiding unpleasant surprises. Moreover, its 25 cells provide an irreproachable ballooning, leading through good performances and a clean surface state.OP12105-Rc Paramotor Oxy 5.0 7
On the left side, a „usual“ rc paramotor wing you can find on the market, on the right side, the Opale Oxy 5.0 . The result is without appeal.

A unique quality control
Opale Paramodels warranty an unequalled quality of assembly. Made according to specific and technical criterias, each wing have a unique serial number, allowing its control at the end of production, and providing an optimal traceability for each of them.Oxy 5.0 is compatible with Backpack L, Trike L and Trike XL. For a bigger ease of use and repair, Oxy 5.0 is set up with new rings and bigger and more resistant risers as well.

Flat wingspan: 5,10m
Ratio: 5,1
Flat surface: 5m2
Bridle: Spliced 50 daN Aramid and DFL 120
Tissue: Ultra-light Nylon 32gr
Cells: 25

Total weight (incl. Trike RTF) 5kg 7kg 10kg 12kg 15kg
Wind speed 5km/h 10km/h 15km/h 20km/h 30km/h

– Backpack L
– Trike L
– Trike XL

Product content :
– Oxy 5.0 wing
– Carry bag
– Bridle repair kit
– Fabric repair kit